Aissata Mazou


Aissata Mazou has over four years’ experience in various fields in business development, impacting young women in particular. She co-founded and co-owns A Nous Niamey, an event agency that specializes in services for private sector promotional launches and catering for government conferences and events. A Nous Niamey empowers women through employment, training, collaboration, and mentorship. Aissata holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Cardiff Metropolitan, and when she is not running her business, she serves as a sales engineer for a private IT company. Aissata is also passionate about livestock and owns a small farm where she employs about five people to supply milk to ten medium-sized retailers. Her plan is to grow and modernize the traditional farming business. Upon completion of the Washington Fellowship, she plans to collaborate with peers for a vision, culture, and environment that fosters African cooperation.