Jackson Saya Ndonga


Saya Ndonga is a Kenyan researcher, speaker, and author with 10 years’ experience in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. He holds a BSc in Zoology, MSc in Medical Parasitology, and PGD in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. He has blended his science and entrepreneurship experience to develop a novel eight-step innovation and personal development framework called, Think Like a Parasite. He has founded and works for The Motivation Lab, which uses the framework to design and deploy clear, applicable, and relevant solutions to address the innovation, personal development, and entrepreneurship needs of individuals, communities, and organizations. Upon return from the Washington Fellowship, he is keen to roll out two initiatives including an integrated call center offering dedicated business process outsourcing solutions, tailor-made for startups and SMEs, and an entrepreneurship program for secondary school students drawn from faith communities.